AMG is heartbroken. Our hometown, Santa Rosa CA is burning to the ground. 2,800 homes lost. Thousands displaced.

Fire tore through Coffey Park, a subdivision of hundreds of homes in Santa Rosa, Calif., on Monday. Photo: Jim Wilson/The New York Times

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[UPDATE: 11/1/17]

AMG’s donation period is closed, however, you may continue to share your generosity with the Piner-Olivet/Coffey Park Family Disaster Relief group. This is where AMG delivered our donations, as those funds are used to replace students’ backpacks, jackets, shoes, lunchboxes, and all of the other basic needs kids have for school.

[UPDATE: 10/20/17]

Thank you for the support! We have assisted in the distribution of over 3,000 N95-rated masks to protect folks from the toxic contaminants in the smokey air.

October 10, 2017

AMG is heartbroken. Our hometown, Santa Rosa CA, is burning to the ground. This is not a rural forest fire. Santa Rosa is a bustling city of 175,000 people where 2,800 homes have burned 1.

Friends have lost homes. Thousands are displaced. Drinking water is tainted. The air is a toxic health hazard. We are hurting for our friends, family, and our childhood memories.

Although we are now based in Upstate New York, we have friends and family on the ground in Santa Rosa distributing aid packages to shelters and assisting neighborhoods that are no longer standing.

Thank you for your generosity,

Andrew Gabriel
Artist Manager, Producer

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