About AMG

Andrew Gabriel

Owner / Artist Manager

Rose De Guzman

Owner / Marketing Director

AMG Mission:

Support local musicians, partner with local businesses, and help children through music.

“Calculated Venture” (Michael Hallisey of The Spot 518):

Andrew [and] Rose Gabriel are the marketing and managerial team behind the recent success of local musician Sydney Worthley — who has taken last year’s performance at Tulip Fest and, on the strength of her debut album “Strong,” has moved on to a scheduled appearance at Mountain Jam in June.

Ambassador Music Group is now a full-time endeavor, with a recording studio that caters to musicians and vocal talent. It’s a dream job that Andrew has held on to since his days as a musician in the San Francisco-Los Angeles West Coast megalopolis. Rose describes [Andrew] as “determined.” Tenacious may be more appropriate. Once Andrew has an idea in his head, Rose said he is determined to see it through.

“The community aspect of the music scene here is unlike anywhere I’ve been,” said Andrew.

“I think there’s potential for something bigger to happen in the music scene, here, in Albany,” said Rose. “And, we’re on the brink of making it bigger than what it is right now. I think we’re all trying to make it happen.”